Physical to Digital. Connected.

Tap into the data potential of your physical assets.

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Connecting the unconnected

Avoguard is a 21st century delivery company. We deliver data.
From the physical world to the digital world.

From the
  • factory floor
  • vehicle fleet
  • city-wide sensor network
  • building's infrastructure

to the
  • factory's MES
  • fleet management system
  • city's operations center
  • building management system

We help IT teams and OT teams realize the full data potential of their physical assets
through Avoguard's hardware and software.

We integrate your physical infrastructure with your digital infrastructure.

We collect data from hardware. Be it PLCs, machines, tools, robots, wired or wireless sensors.
We deliver the data to your IT and OT systems, wherever they are.
On the edge, on premise, in private cloud or public cloud.

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"You choose the real-world data your business needs. We deliver them to where you need them. End-to-end. Securely." - Avoguard

Product Families

IoT Secrets, Identity, Security

Manage device identities, secrets, and credentials at scale. Just like your users, your devices need to have a unique identity in order to be authenticated and authorized to securely access your cloud applications.

Avoguard Device Identity is a PKI and secrets management service, built for devices and applications on the edge. It is powered by well-defined security processes that both your hardware engineers, software engineers, and security teams will love.

It is a foundational block for compliance with IoT regulations and standards in the US and EU.

It works with bare-metal firmware, RTOSes, Embedded Linux, and Docker on the edge.

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Industrial Data Gateways

Securely connect your devices to your data infrastructure. Each from the comfort zone of their preferred network layer, protocol, data encapsulation, and data format.

EdgeFlux™, Avoguard's flagship product, is a Node-RED-like tool that helps IT teams, OT teams, and system integrators build industrial data flow pipelines. It starts with individual devices, and spans all the way to the industrial platforms, historians, and time-series databases.

It can be deployed on embedded gateways, industrial edge servers, on-premise infrastructure, or in the cloud. Or a combination of all of these as a distributed system.

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About us

Avoguard is a boutique IoT solutions company based on the west coast of the US, founded in 2023 by Vit Prajzler, along with a global team of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs.

We are building products that enable and secure the next generation of connected systems, from the edge to the cloud.

We are always looking for IoT enthusiasts to join our team.


Vit's profile picture

Vit Prajzler

I am an entrepreneur and a seasoned hardware & software engineer, with a passion for solving hard problems through well-design products and world-class teams.

In my previous startups, I pioneered the use of IoT and LPWAN across industries and countries to solve previously unsolvable problems, by making IoT accessible to everyone.

I leads the global team of engineers at Avoguard, and I'm responsible for the overall product vision and strategy.

I'm split between the US West Coast and my native Europe.


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