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MeshLR: LoRaWAN mesh without a network server

MeshLR is a LoRaWAN-compatible mesh network that does not require a network server. It is a great fit for applications that need the low-cost and low-power of LoRaWAN network, but you don't want to deal with the complexity of a network server when deploying multiple gateways in remote areas.

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Building a better Node-RED

Have you ever wished you could do more with Node-RED? To have a multi-tenant version? A more performant version? A less resource intensive version? Something that can help with monitoring and not just building a data pipeline? To be able to use it at scale? Well, we did. And we built it. It's called EdgeFlux.

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Using LoRa without LoRaWAN

What are the IoT problems that are better solved with "raw" LoRa compared to using the LoRaWAN protocol on top of LoRa?

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Introducing EdgeFlux™

What happens at your company when something goes wrong in your IoT data pipeline? Do you have a single pane of glass view of your IoT networks for your IT and OT teams? Do you have a way to quickly and easily build, integrate, monitor, and operate your IoT network? If not, EdgeFlux is for you.

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What is LoRa: The fundamentals

LoRa is not a protocol. When you first look into LoRa, it might be confusing to draw the line between LoRaWAN and LoRa, and how they are split across the network stack. This blog post goes into the fundamentals of what LoRa is, and how it compares to better known wireless technologies, like Wi-Fi.

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Avoguard: Why start another IoT company?

There are many IoT companies out there. Why did we start another one? What is our vision? How are we going to make a difference? Learn about our focus, our values, and our plans for the future.

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Real power of MQTT - wildcards

How can MQTT be optimally used to implement a Unified Namespace (UNS)? Discover the difference between an MQTT topic, MQTT topic level, and MQTT topic filter. Learn how they are used by MQTT publishers and subscribers.

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What is MQTT?

If you are new to IoT or have encountered MQTT for the first time,
this blog post will help you understand what MQTT is, how it works, its components,
and how it compares to better known protocols like HTTP.

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Filtering LoRaWAN traffic on gateway level

Your LoRaWAN gateways might not always have unlimited backhaul bandwidth. Especially if you have to rely on cellular or satellite Internet connectivity. In those cases, and with the raise of LoRa popularity, filtering traffic down to only the frames that are relevant to you can save you a lot of money.

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LoRaWAN Confirmations and ACKs

To guarantee a delivery of a LoRaWAN frame, you can use the built-in confirmation and acknowledgement features. But what is a confirmation? What is an acknowledgement? How to use them in a sensor device and in an end-to-end application? Find out in this blog post.

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