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Enterprise IoT networks need enterprise-grade versatility and management.

Build versatile, future-proof IoT networks with Avoguard's
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We all have seen engineers fiercely debate the best way to connect IoT devices. They would argue about the best radio technology, the best network topology, the best protocol.

We believe that in IoT, there is no such thing as one size fits all. There is no single winner for all use-cases.

We got tired of the fight and decided to build a solution that focuses on the one thing that matters: the added value of the IoT application.

For the application, as long as data is securely flowing, the network is transparent. The network should be a given.

Avoguard's software-defined IoT solutions are built on the idea that the network should adapt to the application, not the other way around. You, the customer, should not worry about the network. It should just work.

That's what we enable at Avoguard with software defined Internet of Things (SDIoT).

Supported Networks

Avoguard's software-defined IoT solutions support a wide range of networks, from small scale local area networks, to nationwide and global networks.

To you, an IoT application developer, the network will always look and feel the same. No matter the technical complexity, your application will receive and send data the same way. That is the value of a software-defined network.

Avoguard's software defined IoT solution can work with the networks listed in the following table.

Network Class Network Technology




Legacy SMS

Local Area

LoRa 2.4 GHz


Starlink V2 / T-Mobile - SMS*

* Coming soon. Please contact us for more information.
** Wired networks are too many to list, but we support most Ethernet and RS-485 based networks.

Key Features

Centralized control

Avoguard's SDIoT offers a centralized control plane that allows you to manage your entire network from a single point. It introduces a paradigm shift by separating the control and data planes, allowing centralized network management through an SDN controller. This centralization enhances the overall agility and responsiveness of the network and the responsible IT and OT teams.

Data plane separation

By separating the control plane from the data plane, Avoguard's SDIoT allows you to manage your network without disrupting the data flow. This is particularly beneficial for mission-critical applications. This separation enhances the overall agility, scalability, and responsiveness of the network infrastructure, marking a fundamental shift in traditional networking paradigms.

Abstraction and unification

Avoguard's SDIoT abstracts the underlying network resources and unifies them into a single network that is transparent to the application. No matter the underlying network technology, IP or non-IP, your application will always receive and send data the same way. This abstraction enhances manageability, allowing for more efficient allocation and utilization of resources.

Open standards, vendor independence

Avoguard's SDIoT relies on open standards such as OpenFlow, fostering interoperability and vendor independence. It allows you to use any network technology, from any vendor. This openness ensures that you can choose networking hardware based on your needs without being tightly bound to a single vendor.

Network slicing and virtualization

Avoguard's SDIoT allows you to create multiple virtual networks on top of the same physical network. Each virtual network is isolated from the others, and can have its own topology, routing, and security policies. This is particularly beneficial for multi-tenancy and resource optimization.

Simplified network provisioning

Simplified Network Provisioning: SDN simplifies the process of network provisioning by enabling centralized configuration and management. This simplification streamlines tasks such as policy enforcement, traffic prioritization, and Quality of Service (QoS) implementation, making network management more efficient.

Network analytics

Avoguard's SDIoT allows you to monitor your network in real time. You can see the status of your devices, the traffic on your network, and the performance of your network. You can tap into and inspect individual data streams. You can also see the historical data of your network, and analyze it to find patterns and trends.

Network security

Avoguard's SDIoT contributes to improved network security by allowing for centralized monitoring and enforcement of security policies. This centralized approach facilitates rapid response to security threats and vulnerabilities.

Use Cases and Industries

Smart Healthcare Solutions

  • Optimized Patient Care: Enhance healthcare delivery by seamlessly connecting medical devices, monitoring patient data, and facilitating real-time communication among healthcare professionals.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Enable continuous health monitoring, allowing healthcare providers to track patient vitals and intervene promptly when necessary.

Industrial IoT Integration

  • Predictive Maintenance: Implement proactive maintenance strategies by collecting and analyzing data from industrial equipment, reducing downtime and operational costs.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Improve supply chain visibility and efficiency by monitoring and managing the entire production and distribution process.

Smart Cities and Infrastructure

  • Traffic Management: Optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance overall transportation efficiency by leveraging real-time data from IoT-connected devices.
  • Energy Management: Implement intelligent energy solutions to monitor and manage city-wide energy consumption, leading to sustainable and cost-effective urban development.

Connected Agriculture

  • Precision Farming: Enhance agricultural productivity by utilizing IoT data to monitor soil conditions, crop health, and automate irrigation processes.
  • Livestock Monitoring: Improve livestock management through real-time tracking, health monitoring, and environmental condition control.

Retail and Customer Experience

  • Inventory Management: Streamline inventory control by tracking product movements in real-time, reducing stockouts, and minimizing excess inventory.
  • Personalized Marketing: Utilize customer behavior data to deliver targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, enhancing the overall retail experience.

Custom Solutions for Specific Industries

  • Tailored Solutions: Collaborate with our team to develop custom software-defined IoT networks that cater to the unique needs of your industry.
  • Industry-Specific Enhancements: Discuss how our solution can be adapted and enhanced to address specific challenges in diverse sectors.

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